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AAC All Aluminum Conductor Cable


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  Product Description

1,Product Description

Name: transmission line construction strain clamp NLL-2 

Material: Body- aluminum, Hardware—galvanized steel

Size: NLL-2

Bolt Number: 2 

Structure Feature:

*The body is made of high-strength aluminium alloy

*Smooth surface long servile life

*Easy installation

*No waste electric energy



NLL series aluminium alloy strain clamp(bolt type) is suitable for overhead linr up to 35kv,fixing

aluminium wire or steel core aluminium wire on the strain pole,over head insulation aluminium conductor and insulation aluminiumcover are being used together,its action is insulation protection.

2,Product Specification

Type size Applicable conductor(mm2) Number of U bolt Ultimate strength(KN)
NLL-1 5.1-11.4 2 40
NLL-2 8.9-18.5 2 40
NLL-3 5.0-15.0 3 70
NLL-4 12.1-21.8 4 90
NLL-5 18.0-30.0 5 120