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AAC All Aluminum Conductor Cable


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  Product Description

1,Product Description

1.The optic fiber splice closures (fiber enclosures))are widely apply for the connecting of optical cable. The dome material mixed chemical agent to resist corrosion and aging and also provide ultra-violet protection.

2.It can be installed in aerial locations, ducted applications, direct buried, manholes. Small volume but large capacity.

3.Base-to-dome seals on FOSC are mechanical and heat-shrinkable for ease of installation and reentry. No other sealing adhesive tape is needed.

4.Compatible with most cable types(single fiber or ribbon), and cable constructions(loose tube, central core, slotted core, modular). And the product can be used in any environment (aerial, buried, handhole, manhole)and in many applications(tap-off, expressed, branch, and repair)

Technical Parameter: 

*Working Temperature: -40 degrees centigrade~+70 degrees centigrade

*Atmospheric Pressure: 70~150Kpa

* Axial Tension: >2000N/1min

*Stretching Resistance: 2500N/10 square centimetre(1min)

*Insulation resistance: >2*104MΩ

*Voltage Strength: 15KV/1min, no arcover or breakdown

*Pressure in the water: 50m/72hours

*Splice tray with optical taking-in radius≥40mm. Low optical loss

2,Packaging Details

Optical Fiber Closure