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Protective Fittings

1,Product Fescription

In the way of high voltage overhead lines, close to the insulator on both sides of the wires are often a small hammer, the small hammer vibration hammer, is to reduce the wire for wind vibration and shame on. High voltage overhead line pole is higher, large span, when there is wind effect of conductor, vibration will happen. The wire vibration, wire hanging in the most unfavorable working conditions. Due to multiple vibration, wire for periodic bending fatigue damage will happen. When overhead line file from more than 120 meters, commonly used shock hammer shock.


*Vibration Damper can’t be directly installed on the OPGW cables, installed with Helical Rods. 

*Calculate the installation distance, if it is within the Helical Rods, then installed as usual (Installed on Helical Rods directly). If the installation position of Vibration Damper is outside of the Helical Rods, you should install Helical Rods. The distance between the end of the Vibration Damper and Protection Rods must be more than 70mm.

*The big Damper Weight of low frequency is close to pole or tower.

*Confirm the quantity per span length according to cable strength, span length and topography.