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Hot dip galvanized Weld /forged eye bolt


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  Product Description

We are the manufcturer with ten years experience of various prequalified cast iron socket clevis galvanized steel line hardware used to link clamps to insulator, or to link insulator and ground wire clamp to tower or sujection stucture.various prequalified cast iron socket clevis special type inaccordance with mounting condition.

There will no sharp edges, and corners rounded. All galvanized steel line hardware will be clean rust free, smooth and uniform throughout and will  also be free from burrs.

Various prequalified cast iron socket clevis has high tensile strength. It is straight and uniform.And it passed ISO9001.

We also can supply grounding piece according to your request.

● Used for dead-ending and attaching guy wires to poles and crossarms.

● Supplied with a cone point to ease assembly with nut.

● Supplied with an attached square nut. 

● Minimum thread length is 6".

● All components are hot dip galvanized


Galvanized steel per CSA G164-M

3/4" Thread Diameter (3/4-10UNC)

22,000 lbs. Rated Tensile Strength